Vinegar is widely used to season, marinate, canned and delay the browning of fruits and vegetables
It is moreover one of the few condiments with few calories.
Its consumption inside a meal would allow among others a better control of blood sugar.
vinegar is therefore a condiment of choice to enhance the taste of food.

Vinegar & Health

Vinegar has long been known for its exceptional medicinal properties, focusing on its greatest health benefits:

• Diabetes
• Weight
• Hypertension.
• Neurodegenerative diseases..
• Cancers
• The antibacterial effect of vinegar for the care of the ears

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Vinegar & Beauty:

Vinegar works wonders and not only in salads! It is the easy-healthy product to use preferably organic and cut with water to reduce its aggressive side. Sanitizers, antifungals, deodorants, shine and many others will make you regret not listening to your grandmother earlier.

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Vinegar as a Natural Detergent:

Vinegar is a multi-purpose ecological product. It can be used for toilets, toilets, fridge, kitchen, cutting boards, windows, coffee makers ... It is often diluted in water. It is used cold or heated for efficiency. In this case, be careful to protect yourself from the vapors of hot vinegar

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