About Us

Sarl CASBAH. was created in 1998. First, it started in manufacturing vinegar and become a market leader with 30% shares in 2001. Its registered capital has known successive increases, starting from 100 000 DA in 1999, and reaching our day 20 million DA.
CASBAH started its activity in a modest local of 35m² located in the Ramp Valley (Bab el Oued) with only 3 employees and today accounts a plant at Ouled Chebel with an area of ​​6400 sqm comprising the pole production and administration with over 60 employees.
We would like to point that CASBAH had long been engaging in a recruitment policy to reduce unemployment as it was itself the result of a job-creating state device. It is interestiing to see all the steps and initiatives that CASBAH has achieved since its creation in the field of communication, through various TV and radio spots throughout its long career as games and raffles already successfully completed to the delight of our consumers.
Business Strategy
In addition to the change in our design has an identifiable brand especially during religious festivals (Ramadan) and other occasions CASBAH was always anxious to share the daily life of Algerian people as well as our dear consumers rewarded for their loyalty. Our business strategy is based on the values ​​that made our success: ambition, discipline, development, customer satisfaction, citizen Responsibility and Innovation.
From 2012, and for the sake of development, CASBAH has developed several new internal departments which are: communication, quality control and especially research and development, in addition to already existing departments (administrative, production, procurement, accounting, trade, and export).
Previously, CASBAH had the opportunity to be present on several different economic events, national and international events, namely the Algiers International Fair, the fair of national production, Djazagro etc, exhibitions in Arab Emirates Libya, France SIAL, HALAL EXPO Paris and Tunisia to the meadows of which we had a great success among our other packaging (the shape of the bottle and the label in Sleeve) for the quality of our vinegar.
CASBAH through its distribution network covers the whole country thanks to its location in Algiers, Setif and Oran, and via distributors and wholesalers (actors and witnesses of our longstanding and sustainability of our growth) we have selected their location everywhere in Algeria. Through its investment and development, Casbah expanded its products range with the establishment of its branch CASBAH FOODS which commercializing four new products: Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Mustard well various salad dressings under different formas: packaging and contents according to the market target.
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